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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

BMW connects with Mad Men

The barren summer of re-runs and reality TV is nearing an end and a new season of Mad Men, one of last year's biggest hits, is already up-and-running.

And how great it was to see how BMW took advantage of its exclusive sponsorship of Mad Men by tailoring an ad for the program. It featured Martin Puris, of Ammirati & Puris, talking about how he came up with BMW's famous tag line: "The ultimate driving machine." It was brilliant, successfully connecting with the show as well as reinforcing BMW's car performance heritage.

I can't think of any ads, outside of sports, that have even tried to connect with the program content. When done as well as this, it adds a whole level of goodwill over and above what even a great commercial can deliver (especially, in this case, because BMW only aired the one ad the whole program.)

1) BMW + Mad Men = Tailored Commercial = Great: Imagination.
2) Mad Men: Adhocracy


Ian Hughes said...

I was sitting on the couch watching the premier and I let out a thoughtful huff. My girlfriend asked "what happened?"

All I could say was, "That was brilliant."

Gina Signorella said...

What intrigued me about the BMW sponsorship, was that is was reminscent of those days when programming was indeed sponsored by one advertiser, with minimal "commercial breaks," and providing more information than shill. And for a show that prides itself on being so purely period, it was so smart to see them taking this outside the program, into the space around it, with a dedicated advertiser. It WAS brilliant.

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