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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Legal Marketing Association event

I was a panelist today at a Legal Marketing Association Bay Area Chapter event discussing the topic: Brand Valuation: Does Size Really Matter in the Real World?...and how does it relate to law firms? Here are some quotes from just one of the topics covered:

Why brand? What does branding mean to you?
"A brand is a sales tool. A brand is going to help a business grow." (Daniel)
"Brand is about being consistent, it's about getting everyone on same page and it's about a call to arms"(Daniel)
"Brand is about perception, it's about what people think of you...people will have a perception whether you think you're branding or not" (Martin)
"Brand is what's left over in client's brain long after you have left the room" (Jeff)

Links to information covering some of the topics discussed:
1) Brand definitions: Brand Mix
2) That Future Is Gone: Jeff Yerkey’s blog on "design, tech, politics… the usual junk"
3) Managing Millennials: A BNET Survival Guide
4) Ideastorm: Dell's 2.0 suggestion box
5) That's What She Said: A legal analysis of The Office (with claims estimates)
6) Legal Blog Watch: An assortment of legal blogs from

Fellow Panelists:
Jim Stapleton, Fenwick and West LLP (Moderator)
Jeff Yerkey, Right Hat/Charette Communication
Daniel Grace, Creative Mint


Dawn Lacallade said...

Martin- I would love to know more about the discussion on Ideastorm. Thanks for sharing!

Dawn Lacallade, Ideastorm Manager

Martin Bishop said...

Dawn: Welcome to Brand Mix! There was a question from the audience about social networking and new media. I said that I thought that Dell was one of the leaders in this field and that people should take a look at Ideastorm to get a sense of what's possible. I attended the Economist Conferences Annual Marketing Forum in San Francisco and was very impressed with Bob Pearson's presentation about the scope of Dell's digital media activities.

For those attending the event (and others reading): The fact that Dawn monitors blogs, finds references to Ideastorm and then starts a conversation with the author is exactly what I was talking about. It shows the commitment and interest that Dell has for social media. Hopefully seeing this level of participation in action is inspiring (rather than demoralizing in the "how do we possibly do anything like that" way)

Dawn Lacallade said...

Martin- Thanks for the summation and the positive comments! Glad to know that you had a chance to see Bob present. Ideastorm is certainly something we are all passionate about at Dell and something we look to refine over the coming months. (Yes this is a shameless teaser)

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