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Friday, April 25, 2008

In and Out, that's what a retailer's all about

Target has decided to try speed dating after the breakup of its relationship with Isaac Mizrahi. Rather than replace him with another big fashion name, it's going to play the field and feature lesser-known designers for short term stints.

The Mizrahi collection generated $300 million a year and was one of the ways that Target had successfully managed to distinguish itself from other retailers. But now he's left for a new opportunity at Liz Claiborne leaving a big hole in the portfolio.

The new approach builds on the success of the Go International program, launched in 2006, which puts guest designers fashions in stores for just a few weeks. This program will now be given greater prominence and supplemented by a Private Label Collection (Target branded) which will be in the stores in between the guest appearances.

This new format certainly means that Target will have plenty of variety, fresh talent etc. And according to this report the new collection is actually pretty good. But it seems to fall short from a brand perspective--less visible, less distinctive and likely to bring Target back a little closer to the pack.

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