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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Good enough to share: Week 13, 2008

My weekly summary of interesting and entertaining posts. More at the bottom of the page in "Martin's Shared Items":

1) Why Does Big Mean Bad? And Can It Be Avoided? Paul Williams
Even Wal-Mart was a cute little store once. Paul Williams provides a nice company lifecycle tracking the love to hate trajectory. Will we one day hate In-N-Out too?

2) World Water Day: Adland
Here's an ad celebrating World Water Day that you need to cut out and keep in case of emergency.

3) The Psychology of Entrepreneurial Misjudgement: Blog.PMarca.Com
Charlie Munger from Berkshire Hathaway and has written a book about 25 human behaviors that lead to misjudgement. Marc Andreesen has started a series of posts commenting on these 25 behaviors. Part One: The underestimated power of incentives.

4) Divorcing unsuitable customers: Mark Ritson
What happens when you have customers you don't want? How do you get rid of them? Mark talks about the case of Kronenbourg 1664, a premium beer that wants to get rid of the "beerheads" who drink it.

5) Blackmarkets in everything: Marginal Revolution
Now that candy has been banned from schools, a new underground economy has sprung up with sugar pushers hiding Snickers in their backpacks.

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