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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Seth Godin interview on Brand Mix (3)

Question three: What would Josiah do?

I loved the story about Josiah Wedgwood and how he invented marketing. I was wondering if you could build on that story by suggesting what Josiah Wedgwood would do today with his company. How would he take advantage of new marketing? What would he do that the company is not already doing?


I think JW (I call him JW, not sure that his best friends did) would understand that Wedgwood the product/brand is now about connecting people to each other. He'd make it a collectible, create swap meets and collectors clubs. He'd expand his London showroom and turn it into a place for 'Ladies who lunch' and then would empower each of them to create similar experiences at home. He'd realize that the template for this was valuable and train people around the world to have their own versions. He'd create limited edition items, some as limited as just one, and he'd push down the long tail just as fast as he could.

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