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Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm a Zicam believer!

I have a stinking cold. Yeah, I know. You don't want to hear about my problems but there's a brand story coming, I promise.

For years I was firmly of the opinion that there was nothing much you could do to either prevent yourself getting a cold or doing anything about it once you got one. If the cold was bad enough I would usually end up buying something in the medicine aisle but with no enthusiasm or expectation that it was going to do any good.

Then people started telling about Zicam and how great it was. They swore by it, vouched for it, demanded that I try it. So I did. And it definitely seemed to work. I was missing getting colds that everyone at work and at home was getting. While they were falling like flies, I was flying through the cold season unscathed.

Until now. But do I have any doubts about the efficacy of my Zicam? Hell no. Instead I'm making all sorts of excuses for it: I must not have started taking it early enough. I missed one of my every-three-hour ChewCaps. It would have been so much worse if I hadn't had my Zicam to turn to.

I'm a Zicam believer and there's nothing you (or the facts) can do about it.


BIG said...

I move to St Thomas every winter and I haven't had a cold in years. People get sick more in the winter and spread those damn germs.

Martin, join me in St Thomas, you'll never have to buy another product again! I swear.

Martin Bishop said...

Sounds very appealing as I look at the rain pouring outside and try and find some Kleenex to battle with my nose pouring inside.

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