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Friday, December 7, 2007

You almost expect it from Starbucks, but 3-day blinds?

Extraordinary customer service that is.

I had an early morning start today so, bleary-eyed, I headed into a Starbucks near my client's office for a coffee. There I witnessed a real tour-de-force by one of the baristas. In a loud voice which, on the downside, would have pealed paint, she was calling out both the names and drink orders for almost everyone who walked in the door. I mean one after the other after the other, at least 10 while I was waiting in line. It was just this side of being a party trick but the customers seemed to love it.

But great service from 3-day blinds is something I really didn't expect. Recently, in a child and dog related incident, one of the strings of one our blinds snapped off. There was no way I could repair it and, for months, we just left it hanging there in its wrong-angled position. When we finally decided to get it fixed or replaced, we happened, purely by chance, to take it to a 3-day blinds store near us and were very happy to find out that the blind had originally come from them and they could fix it. (Note to 3-day blinds: Why don't you brand your blinds or at least print some info on them?). The extraordinary bit was that when we went to pick it up, the repair had been made and there was NO charge - just part of the service, sir.

I thought that was quite amazing. In these days where even the concept of repairing things rather than just throwing them out seems old fashioned, what an unexpected treat.

Please go and buy something from 3-day blinds because I don't expect to be in the market for anything from them for quite some time. If you want to buy a cup of coffee on the way, that's up to you.

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