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Monday, December 17, 2007

Paper or plastic?

This is totally unfair because I like my local paper and all its stories about how the Novato Hornets almost won the state championship and how the citizens of uppity-town Tiburon won't allow Habitat for Humanity to build any houses in their neighborhood.

But, still, I thought it was funny that one lady in the local doggie park explained that she must renew her subscription to the paper (let's keep it nameless) so that she could ensure a continuous supply of poop-sized plastic bags that said paper is wrapped in every day.

All the scoop for all the poop!


It seems Trent Lott is following a similar line of thinking. Here's a quote from him, as reported on NPR:

"Newspapers? Why is the FCC protecting newspapers? I don’t get why we’re crying crocodile tears over newspapers. . . It’s technology that’s affecting newspapers. Where I live [on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi], we use newspapers to wrap mullet."

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