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Friday, September 14, 2007

Vodaphone's three "Rs"

I love the way that Vodaphone energizes its employees across the globe with its internal motto "red, rock solid and restless".

As reported in the Brand Strategy Magazine Blog:

"David Wheldon from Vodafone talked about how the brand is underpinned internally with certain values - ‘red, rock solid and restless’ that it uses to help business units that are acquired in other regions feel part of the company. He discussed how it was important to get the emotion behind ‘Vodafone behaviour’ across to people so they understood why they were expected to act in a certain way. The alliterative phrase is intended to make people remember to be passionate (red), reliably good (rock solid) and always aiming to do better (restless). Wheldon explained this was not an external branding campaign, but an internal motto designed to help people understand how the Vodafone brand ‘thinks’.

Getting your own employees fired up and pointing in the same direction can be a powerful business driver but one that's often difficult to execute. For every "red, rock solid and restless" there's many more "we make the very best" (or similar)

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