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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Blog Purpose

I am using this blog as a notebook to record stories, ideas, thoughts and observations about branding to benefit me for sure and hopefully blog readers, Landor and its clients.
Me: To record and categorize stories etc about branding for future use in problem solving and idea genearation. Potentially to solicit ideas and opinions and collaborate with blog readers.
Blog readers: To use the blog as a brand management resource. Potentially to share ideas and collaborate on developing solutions for brand-related problems.
Landor and Clients: To benefit from the ideas generated.


Martin Bishop said...

This blog has been inspired by a tip common to a few creativity books i've been reading - use a notebook to keep a written record of thoughts and ideas as a way to be more creative.

According to Michael Michalko in "Cracking Creativity", Thomas Edison recorded his ideas in 3,500 notebooks in his career and used these as an important source of inspiration.

Well, I'm still on book #1 but I have started recording ideas, writing down anything that has popped in my head through the day most often, as it happens, on the bus in the morning.

However, one problem I've already run into halfway through this first book is that's difficult to cross-reference or even find things I've written down. The more books I write, the more difficult this will be.

So the primary purpose of the blog is to be an electronic notebook using the labeling function to help solve the cross-referencing problem. For this purpose, it won't matter if no-one ever reads it except myself. The measure of success will be the quality and quantity of ideas and whether I use them or not.

But now my notebook has also become a blog, I see that it may have some additional value - perhaps as a resource to anyone reading it and potentially as a forum for discussing "brand issues of our time".

We'll see.

Martin Bishop said...

I don't know what I think to your blog. I probably am not in touch as it seems very American to me. Why do it in the first place, who cares, it is only an opinion,
so why bother to state it.

But then I often think this about articles Dad reads in the newspaper
when it is only someones opinion, I suppose I am not interested in others opinion, I have my own and this may be right or wrong, but usually it will not change with
what other people think, perhaps this is wrong, I am not sure.

Mrs Bishop

(Reprinted from email with, of course, permission)

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